Real Tiny!!

Now this is something that I’m very excited to share with you!! This time when I say “tiny” I really mean it! Although pictures didn’t turn out as good as I would like them to. I think I need macro lenses to vapture all this tiny beauty.

This is the first tiny purse I’ve made with a crochet flower:

purse-with-flowerIt’s not very functional though as you can see 🙂 It’s about a quarter size with the handle:

purse-with-flower11After that I decided to make something witheven more tiny details. And that’s when my second purse was born. It has crochet motifs and handles and embroidery.

purse-greenAnd there goes my personal favrite. It’s a miniature flower pot. Crochet flower, leaves, pot. Even soil is crocheted 🙂

flowerpotAnd here it is again with a “BiG” pen for you to see how big it is.


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Finished Flower Decorations

That was a very easy order that I really enjoyed making. And it’s nice to make something “big” for a change. One flower measures approximately 5″ in diameter.


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Flower Project

I love my new custom order! I’m crocheting flowers like these on the wall:

ialcr_fullxfull23233Aren’t they simply beautiful?

Here’s the first one ready:


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New items are coming to my shop today.. Although it’s hard to call them new, as the flowers were crocheted a while ago, I just didn’t have time to post them.

poinsettia1And I also had these, but they already found their new home:

poinsettias2And some more news!!!!!! I opened my second etsy shop that I’m planning to use for patterns only. Right now there’s only one pattern, I’m hoping to add new ones soon, although it’s not that easy having a full-time job, a family and trying to keep shops updated. 🙂

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Mmmmm… Coookies…

Is everything all right with me? 3 hours ago I came from work and since then I’ve been eating almost non-stop.. And now I’m thinking about making some cookies. I guess I shouldn’t, eating cookies at night won’t do me any good.

But that reminds me… Check out this website and you’ll find so many wonderful recipes. Even if you don’t like to bake, look at those beautiful pictures. I’ve tried a lot of recipes there and all of them turned out wonderfully!

Here is a picture of Chocolate Crinkles that I made a while ago:
Chocolate Crinkles

And those shortbread cookies are to die for! They just melt in your mouth. SOOOOO good!! Here’s the picture of how I made them:

Shortbread Cookie

That’s it… I’d better stop talking about cookies now as I’m getting hungry again 🙂

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The first one

I am so bad at writing those welcome and opening notes that I think I’d better just jump into it. Well, I love making all sorts of things, mostly crochet. I am definitely not a patient person, especially when it comes to crafts and creating something. I’m soon getting tired of doing one and the same thing for a long time, that is why most of my creations are tiny. Like this flower:Yellow n Melon Ami FlowerOr these little tiny ones:

Tulips n Butterflies

I have so many of them and have a temptation to show all of them to you but It’ll probably be too much for one day… Although… There are the last ones for today:

3d pink daisy3d yellow brown

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